Getsu Fuuma Den brand new translation project is out!

Hello everyone!

We managed to finish a new project, Getsu Fuuma Den – or The Legend of Fuma, according to Konami. This game was one of the earliest fan-translations for the NES, by RPGe. It came out about 20 years ago, and as such it suffered from the limitations of the time, though it wasn’t too bad by any means. Still, we decided to retranslate it, that is to say – expand the script, add support for 2 lines in text boxes, and translate all the main graphics. Hopefully you’ll like the result!

Currently, we’re working on some PC-98 projects, namely Tuned Heart and Briganty. We should be able to finish them fairly quickly, if all goes well! We have certain other projects in the pipeline, but we’ll reveal them once all the current backlog is dealt with.

UPD: A small mistake slipped in release version of Getsu Fuma Den. It was fixed, so please download the patch again.


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