The Hybrid Front translation preview!

Hello everyone!

As we promised, there would be another release before we take a long break. And what could be better as a swan song than one of the most sophisticated and technically impressive translation we did to date?

Check out the video and stay tuned! You won’t be disappointed!



Hello to those who still remember us and probably came here for some good news about our new translations.

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but that’s not what you’ll get from me today. On contrary, I regretfully want to report something that was pretty obvious due to lack of any news, status reports, or releases, but still it would be right to state this explicitly – we’re on hiatus for unknown amount of time. I don’t want to say that we’re closed for good because I want to believe that someday we’ll return with something cool.

Just to give you a little background, I wasn’t personally involved in any actual translation work in the group for over four years now (since mid 2019, I guess) due to personal problems and lack of free time. Which left the group without a hacker and leader. To solve this, the group main hacking job and leadership was transferred to cybermind, who did an excellent job together with TheMajinZenki and cccmar by bringing you another two great translations.

But for various reasons (including you-know-what-virus) things went stuck yet again and sadly never recover. And “us” become pretty much “no one”, because everybody (including me) moved on to other things and projects and there’s no one here anymore. Still, I’d like to keep this “old home” for everyone to come back to if they would. I’ll try to keep this site running until then.

Though I’d hate to make it sound as a goodbye, but I’d like to thank everyone I worked with on this project and translations (in no particular order):

  • cccmar – for helping me to make my first project, Star Cruiser translation, look decent enough to release it to wider audience and helping me believe in myself and move to other translation projects, without him I’d never progress further than that; for proof-reading and beta-testing everything we were doing; also for being a good buddy and great guy all around
  • TheMajinZenki – for superb translation work, damn near impossible productivity and professional approach to everything he does; also for being a great pal and companion
  • miralita – for her magnificent graphical work on manual translations and even some mad programming skills that helped me finish some projects I seriously considered hopeless; she didn’t talk very much, but her work speak much more than any words
  • cybermind – for offering his help in the most crucial moment which saved one of our most valuable project, Lord Monarch, and also made way to translation for probably the most obscure platform ever – PC-88 CD (Mirrors); for him being one of the geekiest person I ever talked with that brought a lot of enjoyable talks and fun
  • other people that would take too long to list, but be sure that I remember all of you and everything you did to help me

P.S. Sorry for mistakes in the text, English is not my first language and I don’t use it very often. There’s sadly nobody to correct me this time and I hate to use automated translations.
P.P.S. There’s one thing I guess you can at least hope for – Hybrid Front translation is still being worked on by cybermind so there is a good chance that someday it will be released. Can’t give you any estimations though. It won’t be very soon, that’s for sure.

Kind regards,

celcion at gmail dot com


Mirrors English translation released!

Hey everyone, here’s a new translation from the team; this time around it’s a sort of an oddball release, a horror visual novel originally released for NEC PC-8801 MC (the last model in NEC PC-88 series, equipped with CD drive). The work on game began in 2019, courtesy of cybermind who, while searching for interesting NEC PC-88 games, stumbled upon this game and decided to give it a shot. Since the game text strings weren’t hard to extract, an initial decision was made to reverse-engineer and prepare a Russian machine translation in order to understand the plot. Later on, celcion offered to help and TheMajinZenki translated the script – the rest is history! It’s a very peculiar game, so we hope you enjoy this horror adventure in Europe!


Lord Monarch English translation released!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back, after a long time. This is a very, very old project started by Lord Oddeye/TheMajinZenki about 4-5 years ago. It’s possibly the best version of Lord Monarch with great visuals, a very fun campaign and lots of additional scenarios, from the original computer version. This is also the debut of a new group member, cybermind, thanks to him this product of many, many years of work has been realized.
TheMajinZenki also translated the manual for this game, so we’re going to add it in the package as well.
Overall, this is the best version of the game in our opinion, and we hope you enjoy it. A lot has happened since the last year, so we wish everyone safety and peace.

Have fun and enjoy yourselves.


Tune your Heart to this game!

Tuned Heart is a PC-98 SRPG, and it’s a rather late title for PC-98. When it comes to the main idea behind it, it’s a bit of a spoof on cop drama flicks, series etc. It adheres pretty closely to the conventions of the genre, but it has some interesting aspects to it. Firstly, the artwork/graphics are really colourful and easy on the eyes. The game, unlike most games for PC-98, doesn’t contain any porn, but the players can romance one of the main girls. Secondly, the tuning system allows you the players to do fun stuff with their vehicles/weapons and mix them up to create the most powerful units. There is also a leveling system in the game, to make the units more powerful in addition to the tuning, as well as special abilities for each of the girls. Thirdly, the game features VN segments, in which one can learn more about the protagonists. Overall, it’s a fun experience, and a rather unique one in the greater scheme of things. It’s not a well-known game, so we wanted to shine some spotlight on it. So, have fun!


Star Cruiser X68K takes off!

Hello everyone! This is a project that is somewhat overdue, but we finally managed to complete it – it’s Star Cruiser for X68000 created by Arsys Software. This is our first X68K project. We chose it because we wanted to do one of the original PC versions of this game, since they differ drastically from the Mega Drive port in terms of plot events, characters, some game mechanics (you buy equipment in this one), map layouts and even some of the music. It’s definitely a new experience that differs enough from the MD port to always be its own thing entirely, and we hope you enjoy it!

What is more, we’re very far into another project, this time for PC-98. It will still take a while to put the finishing touches on it, but we’re confident that it will be released within the next few months. So, see you next game!


RPG The Game of Life release + status update!

Hello everyone, long time no see!

So, this time around we chose to do a game that is an RPG/board game hybrid, RPG Jinsei Game, or The Game of Life. It’s based on the original creation by Milton Bradley, which dates back to 1860. The game simulates a person’s travels through his or her life, this time around – throughout his or her career. It’s a rather unique game, so we’re happy that we were able to get it done!

Now, time for an update: due to some unforeseen events, we couldn’t finish certain projects last year, so our goal for now is to deal with our backlog (some PC-98 projects and Genesis projects in particular). Once that’s done, we will move on towards new horizons. We already have some ideas, and we’ll see how they pan out. You can likely expect quite a few releases within in the next 6 months!


Getsu Fuuma Den brand new translation project is out!

Hello everyone!

We managed to finish a new project, Getsu Fuuma Den – or The Legend of Fuma, according to Konami. This game was one of the earliest fan-translations for the NES, by RPGe. It came out about 20 years ago, and as such it suffered from the limitations of the time, though it wasn’t too bad by any means. Still, we decided to retranslate it, that is to say – expand the script, add support for 2 lines in text boxes, and translate all the main graphics. Hopefully you’ll like the result!

Currently, we’re working on some PC-98 projects, namely Tuned Heart and Briganty. We should be able to finish them fairly quickly, if all goes well! We have certain other projects in the pipeline, but we’ll reveal them once all the current backlog is dealt with.

UPD: A small mistake slipped in release version of Getsu Fuma Den. It was fixed, so please download the patch again.


New release – Shiryou Sensen/War of the Dead PCE is out!

Hello everyone,

this is a small project we came up with a couple of weeks back, for fun. We figured we’d do a horror-themed game this time around, and WotD proved to be a relatively small and quick project to get through. You can read more about it in its own section on this site, and on the project site on the RHDN. We also translated the manual – it will be available in its full PDF glory on our site in the future.

Other than that, we’ve been chipping away at our older projects, and took up a new project, and for a new platform at that. What is it? For now that shall remain a mystery, but most certainly those who liked some of our earlier releases should appreciate this one when it’s done next year, assuming all goes well!


We added more released projects! Also, the news regarding current goings-on!

So, over the weekend we added more project pages to the site – all of the completed ones we had worked on in the past: Saiyuuki World, Out Live, Flying Trooper X-Serd, Star Cruiser and Vixen 357. You can download the patches/read about said projects in the appropriate sections of the site.

We managed to finish the script of Tuned Heart, but now the game needs some alpha testing. Cccmar is the one working on it at the moment. Once that’s done, we will likely need beta testers to help us polish/improve the patch as much as possible before the final version is released.

Overall, things are going great right now! We’re hoping to finish at least one more project before the end of 2017. We also have some plans concerning new projects, but only time will tell which of them will come to fruition. Either way, this has been probably the best year so far for us, as far as new projects are concerned!