Monthly Archives: May 2019

Star Cruiser X68K takes off!

Hello everyone! This is a project that is somewhat overdue, but we finally managed to complete it – it’s Star Cruiser for X68000 created by Arsys Software. This is our first X68K project. We chose it because we wanted to do one of the original PC versions of this game, since they differ drastically from the Mega Drive port in terms of plot events, characters, some game mechanics (you buy equipment in this one), map layouts and even some of the music. It’s definitely a new experience that differs enough from the MD port to always be its own thing entirely, and we hope you enjoy it!

What is more, we’re very far into another project, this time for PC-98. It will still take a while to put the finishing touches on it, but we’re confident that it will be released within the next few months. So, see you next game!