Hello from a galaxy not-so-far away!

What do we do? Well, we make translation patches, and for many different systems and consoles at that!
Our group aims to deliver translation patches of the best possible quality, mostly for games which came out in Japan, but for one reason or another never found their way to the West.



It all began a year ago, when celcion was looking for someone to help proofread/improve his Star Cruiser translation patch for Sega Mega Drive. This was the very first step towards the formation of our group. Later on, celcion suggested translating Vixen 357, another highly sought after Mega Drive game.


Cccmar in turn recommended TheMajinZenki as the lead translator, owing to his vast experience, especially with mecha games, and… well, the rest is history!



It’s also important to mention the contribution of our lead programmer, miralita, who helped immensely with certain projects – including the creation of this very site you’re perusing right now. Initially, she didn’t work too much with us, but with time her involvement grew substantially, and thus she became a full-fledged member and the main programmer of our group. She also works on the manual graphics, and the site maintenance, as mentioned before. Without her, this whole endeavour would likely be impossible, especially with regards to certain PC-98 related projects.

So, let’s just say that things snowballed out of control, and even we aren’t completely certain what we’re going to tackle next. Anyway, without further ado, feel free to check out our projects, and of course have fun!

Source code:


  • celcion – celcion  -at-  gmail . com
  • cccmar – cccmar111  -at-  gmail . com