Tune your Heart to this game!

Tuned Heart is a PC-98 SRPG, and it’s a rather late title for PC-98. When it comes to the main idea behind it, it’s a bit of a spoof on cop drama flicks, series etc. It adheres pretty closely to the conventions of the genre, but it has some interesting aspects to it. Firstly, the artwork/graphics are really colourful and easy on the eyes. The game, unlike most games for PC-98, doesn’t contain any porn, but the players can romance one of the main girls. Secondly, the tuning system allows you the players to do fun stuff with their vehicles/weapons and mix them up to create the most powerful units. There is also a leveling system in the game, to make the units more powerful in addition to the tuning, as well as special abilities for each of the girls. Thirdly, the game features VN segments, in which one can learn more about the protagonists. Overall, it’s a fun experience, and a rather unique one in the greater scheme of things. It’s not a well-known game, so we wanted to shine some spotlight on it. So, have fun!


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