Monthly Archives: October 2017

We added more released projects! Also, the news regarding current goings-on!

So, over the weekend we added more project pages to the site – all of the completed ones we had worked on in the past: Saiyuuki World, Out Live, Flying Trooper X-Serd, Star Cruiser and Vixen 357. You can download the patches/read about said projects in the appropriate sections of the site.

We managed to finish the script of Tuned Heart, but now the game needs some alpha testing. Cccmar is the one working on it at the moment. Once that’s done, we will likely need beta testers to help us polish/improve the patch as much as possible before the final version is released.

Overall, things are going great right now! We’re hoping to finish at least one more project before the end of 2017. We also have some plans concerning new projects, but only time will tell which of them will come to fruition. Either way, this has been probably the best year so far for us, as far as new projects are concerned!


Star Cruiser 2 translation patch released! Time to blast off into space again!

Great news in our camp – we managed to complete the Star Cruiser 2 patch. After a round of testing, bug-fixing and additional script-editing, we are proud to present the second (and the last thus far) game from the Star Cruiser franchise in English. It took us almost a year to get to this point, but it was indeed time well-spent! This game has a pretty interesting plot, new additions to the formula known from the previous game, and is overall quite a satisfying conclusion to the series… at least for now!

The manual for this game is also in the works. It shouldn’t take too long for us to finish it, barring any unexpected events. Either way, have fun with the game! Also, a shout-out goes to Blomman who really helped us to polish the script/find bugs and errors.